What is Timeboost?

October 22, 2016 aoife 0 Comments

Timeboost converts your calendar data into a usable form, categorizes it for you automatically, and provides statistics, charts, and other useful tools that help you gain important insights into how you use your time. 

Timeboost has a number of insightful and helpful features. Need fresh ideas? The Internal/External chart shows how much time you're spending with people at different companies. Trying to find time for coffee with a friend? Your Busiest Day quickly shows you when you’re booked. Analyze your Recurring Meetings to figure out what is consuming the largest amount of your day to weed out time-suckers. Time Spent On Goals shows you how much time you're spending working towards your ambitions. Timeboost also includes other great features such as insights, tips, and a dashboard quick-view to show you everything at a glance. Check out our app to learn more about us at https://timeboostapp.com/!