A New Way to Look at Time

October 15, 2016 Eric 0 Comments

We’ve been working on a project called Timeboost (www.timeboostapp.com) for more than three years. It’s been part hobby, part passion, part art, part work. And now it’s time to share it with you.

Timeboost is a "time analytics" application. It helps you get more from your day. It lets you see how you spend your time so you can be more intentional. It’s like Mint or QuickBooks, but for Time instead of money.

Timeboost came about after a really bad, time-wasting meeting at work. Personally and professionally, I was swamped. Maxed out. I struggled to find time to do the things that were genuinely important to me. And here we were spending time, scheduling more meetings, with more people, on an issue that had little value. If we were going to waste time, we should at least do something fun or engaging. 

My colleagues and friends were like me - strapped. Booked solid. In part, this is because the loudest voice or most urgent request gets on the schedule - not the number one priority. This is especially true at work. It’s easy to get pulled from what’s important into the massive, time-sucking vortex. 

So that’s how the journey began. And the more we investigated and the more we worked on it, the more we learned about time. The cost of meetings. The impact on mood and wellness. The connection between Time and getting or not getting the most from every day, week, and year. 

In the real world, you can’t “make time”. We can make more money, but the clock always moves forward. And because we don’t pull time out of our wallet or get a statement at the end of the month, sometimes we let time go by. 

And that’s the thing. How we use time can mean career successes instead of setbacks, blossoming friendships or relationships that wither from lack of time investment, a good night’s sleep or an exhausting one spent struggling to catch up. Time is more valuable than money, but we don’t treat it with the same respect and intention.

I created Timeboost because my time needed a transformation. And I knew I wasn’t the only one. My meeting experience and my packed calendar are the norm, not the exception. 

So what does Timeboost do? It connects smoothly with your calendars and gives you a Time Dashboard. It creates intuitive, interactive stats and graphs that map out your time so you can understand it better. It lets you see time in a whole new way. It even provides alerts, like if someone has declined a meeting, so you don’t run across campus to find an empty conference room. And it does much more. It’s like having a phenomenally good assistant who’s always looking out for you.

Need to combat group-think? Check out your Internal/External chart to see how much Time you’re spending with people from other companies. Trying to squeeze in a cup of coffee with a friend? Take a peek at “Your Busiest Day” or use the “Free Time Finder” to find out when is best to meet. Feel like you’re stuck in a lot of meetings? Look at your “Recurring Meetings” chart to figure out if you can cut back on those regular check-ins. 

Most importantly, keep an eye on the “Time Spent on Goals” chart to see if you’re truly scheduling in favor of your own success. Nothing is more important than connecting your goals to your time. 

Speaking of goals… Timeboost “Goals” are quick to create and can track projects, clients, or even MBO’s. Use Timeboost Goals to make sure you’re getting what you want from your time, professionally and personally.

Empowered with Timeboost, you can move further, faster, and more effectively toward your goals, projects, and client satisfaction. You can create more time for the things and the people that matter most to you.

I hope that Timeboost brings you the same focus, clarity, and productivity it’s brought me. No more packed calendars, runaway checklists, or feeling overwhelmed. Timeboost is your new, visual way to see your time.

Check out www.timeboostapp.com and get more from your day. BTW, it’s free?!